Thursday, December 07, 2006

i, i, i

i. Popular misspellings: Dizzyhead Brent points to Lindsay Lohan's heartfelt thoughts on the late Robert Altman (who directed her in this year's A Prairie Home Companion). It ends:

Thank You,


Lindsay Lohan

I just saw that Gawker is jumping on L.L. for this. But perhaps she meant to spell it that way—a sort of portmanteau meaning "quite adequate." She's telling us to be "just good enough, thank you." Not a bad policy.

In other solecism news: the Thomas Pynchon letter (below) in defense of Ian McEwan (which we initially misspelled as "McEwen," unconsciously giving props to the great novelist in exile, Todd McEwen) contains a small goof as well:

Memoirs of the Blitz have borne indispensible [sic] witness, and helped later generations know something of the tragedy and heroism of those days.

In this case, tripling the "i" makes us conscious of the authorial ego (not Pynchon's per se, but the general notion of an authorial ego). The fact that it's lowercase simultaneously emphasizes the lack of ego vis-à-vis the issue of I.McE's purported plagiarism: We don't necessarily need to use our own words, it is all grist for the mill, literature is one long conversation with the dead, there is no single author, etc.

Yes...that seems quite adequate for now.

ii. The latest issue of Time Out ranked the city's critics. They got it right: The top two film critics were J. Hoberman (a/k/a "Hoberjams") and . . . Dizzies search-idol Dennis Lim! Those polled call him "A critic whose opinion matters and who is aware of the whole world of cinema."

UPDATE: Dizzyhead Pete provides this link to the TONY piece.

iii. And this just in: Dizzyhead Christine on an Iraqi date saga.


Blogger Christine said...

I am somehow not troubled by her horrendous spelling of "oppinion." It's a more P-centric way of looking at things. Thanks for the linkage, though you certainly could have exploited the infinite pun possibilities of "dates" a bit more.

1:17 PM  
Blogger Ed said...

Ha! I was tempted to say "Christine reveals the secrets behind Iraqi dates—not *that* kind of date," but I couldn't get the wording right. In any case, hope that what's there is adequite.

1:53 PM  
Blogger HeyZeus! said...

I was happy to see J. Hoberman and Dennis Lim so high up, and also happy that they slammed Frank Bruni. On the other hand, they also rated Manohla and Stephen Holden below AO Scott (?!) and named John Updike second-best (?!?!?!?!). So there's that. Much like the arts themselves, it seems that preference for arts critics is a matter of taste.


6:32 PM  
Blogger Ed said...

Wait — John Updike, second best? For bookcrits...? Ah! Behind John Leonard? I think I would agree, actually! (I sometimes like Updike as a reviewer, though maybe that's based more on really ancient stuff; but in any case, I nearly *always* like JL!)

Oh I think A.O. Scott > SH and MD, definitely!

Anyway, everyone's adequite.

6:45 PM  

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