Monday, November 20, 2006

The uses of enchantment

1. Maud Newton, apropos of her reading of the new Scarlett Thomas novel, revisits an earlier post, asking, "What's the last book that made you skip work, or stay up half the night, or forget yourself at stoplights?" (It's a luxurious feeling—recently this has happened to me with The Emperor's Children and The Uses of Enchantment.) Amitava Kumar asks an even more specific question: Which books have made you miss your subway stop? (For me, the most memorable such title was William Boyd's Any Human Heart—I wrote about the experience for the Paper That Shall Remain Nameless.)

2. Run, Jenny, run!

3. What they're saying about The New-York Ghost:

"Highly regarded." —Jane Dark's Sugarhigh!

"Magnificent...wonderful." —Toni Schlesinger, author of Five Flights Up

The new issue is out tomorrow—isn't it time you subscribed? (A: Perhaps.)


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