Monday, November 13, 2006

Repeat performances

For a distressingly long period of time—a period that has only recently come to an end—I found myself recapitulating in dreams what had transpired during waking hours. The level of detail was unnervingly high, even though entire chunks were often omitted. I had only a vague, uneasy notion, during these repeat performances, that I had already lived through what was about to transpire. I would be surprised. It was only in the morning that I realized what had happened. My double life became transparent, and when it was apparent that these recapitulations were happening on a regular, nearly nightly basis, I was alarmed enough to have myself committed to a pleasant asylum with pretty nurses. The doctors assured me that my condition, while unusual, was innocuous and did not warrant medical attention. With a sigh I collected my belongings and returned home—knowing I would do so again later that evening.

Twin Ligaments: A Daydream, November 13, 1998


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