Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Pet Shop Boys on the tube — Taiwan — prions

This is from a press release, forwarded by Dizzyhead Dennis:

The Pet Shop Boys will be on Dancing With the Stars tonight (8 p.m. EST) and on Friday on Late Late Night with Craig Ferguson. (The new album, Fundamental, is very strong.)

* * *

Dizzyhead Hua has a terrific piece up at Slate about Taiwanese politics. Sound dull? Think again!
In parliament, Lee Ao, an eccentric shades-wearing legislator, crashed the committee deciding the [arms] bill's fate, donned a gas mask—and a V for Vendetta mask atop that—and tear-gassed the committee members. As members coughed their way out of the chamber, Lee pledged to maintain his opposition to the costly bill.

And over at Newsday, Dizzyhead Jenny makes this D.T. Max book (the one that got me thinking about EYES) sound well worth picking up.

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