Sunday, August 19, 2007

Correction in two parts — 10 novels in 14 months

1. Thomas Bernhard (from Harper's, via Weekend Stubble):

Well, people say a lot of things in fifty years of life. If a reporter is sitting in a restaurant somewhere and hears you say the beef's no good, then he'll always claim you're someone who doesn't like beef, for the rest of your life.

2. Levi on PKD:

Dick asks shed our usual blithe acceptance and instead confront those those inexplicable moments on their own terms. Might these hiccups in reality that we accept as internal events, products of our own brains, instead be actual disjunctions, even signs or warnings? Might they be indications that all is not well? What if the reality we see right now isn't the reality that was there mere moments ago?...What if our memories are not our own? Then, the ominous question that inevitably follows: who might be manipulating our perceptions, and to what end?

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Blogger Jawbone Catrep Dyer said...

A longer-than-Harper's version of that Thomas Bernhard interview

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