Thursday, May 24, 2007

Any cheese not on a pizza

Not sure what the original source is, but my friend Jane sent this amusing tidbit:
Speaking of Michael Kay, Daily News Yankee beat writer
Mark Feinsand blogged about an interesting encounter with
Kay in the Mariners press dining room:

As I enjoyed a bowl of clam chowder, Michael mentioned that
he had never had soup in his entire life (he thinks the
slurping sound associated with it is grotesque). I found
this amazing. He then told me he had never had any fish or
seafood of any type, either.

As the conversation went on, he informed me of several
other things he has NEVER tasted in his life: bananas,
condiments of any type (though he lost a bet on his radio
show and had to eat a packet of ketchup, which made him
sick), jelly, any cheese not on a pizza, veal, coffee …


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