Tuesday, May 22, 2007

"This Falling Man"

Levi Stahl's blog, I've Been Reading Lately, has an appealingly bookish post about a recent trip to New York in which he didn't and did see John Crowley...

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A new New-York Ghost is winging its way to subscribers—are you one of them?

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Some thoughts on writing and editing, by Samuel Delany (via Jenny D):
In a very real way, one writes a story to find out what happens in it. Before it is written it sits in the mind like a piece of overheard gossip or a bit of intriguing tattle. The story process is like taking up such a piece of gossip, hunting down the people actually involved, questioning them, finding out what really occurred, and visiting pertinent locations. As with gossip, you can’t be too surprised if important things turn up that were left out of the first-heard version entirely; or if points initially made much of turn out to have been distorted, or simply not to have happened at all.

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John Crace gives the latest DeLillo novel the "digested read" treatment over at The Guardian—pretty funny stuff:

He didn't know why he had walked back to her apartment after visiting the hospital.

"Was it for Justin?" Lianne had asked.

"That's the question."

"The boy is out in the yard searching the skies for Bill Lawton."

"He means Bin Laden."

"God could appear in the sky tomorrow."

"Whose God?"

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Great song—with many solid fashion ideas!

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Blogger bhadd said...

Received advice also said discovery of narrative stinks. Syntax of Things said so--Chandler (Raymond) wrote so.

The Hood Company

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