Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Get back

Via Dizzyhead Euge, a casual two-hour show (dating from 2003) about the "lost" Beatles tapes, from NPR's online "All Songs Considered."

And via Dizzies Team Member Hua's blog, here's the Jesus and Mary Chain on Letterman, performing "Far Gone and Out":

Things to savor:

1. Dave introducing them as "Kids!"
2. The house-band bassist, bouncing jovially, in a red jacket and white pants
3. Lyric: "And I'm television sick and I'm television crazy"
4. Singer Jim Reid not only turning his back on the audience, but squatting



Blogger T. Tauri said...

Also of note: the CD longbox that Dave's holding. Well galoshes, it's been years since I recalled that CDs once had such packaging.

And I like how the youtube compression makes a strange blurry Scramble-Suit fuzz of William's hair. Very appropriate.

Classic G

5:58 PM  

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