Thursday, July 08, 2010

My disappearance from the blogosphere

Now my old posts at the Poetry Foundation's Harriet are being attributed to other writers—e.g., Christian Bök on Harry Stephen Keeler.

(It turns out I am a big CB fan—but this is a disturbing trend!)

And my post on Gossip Girl is now attributed to "Poetry Foundation."

(I actually can't remember the topics of my other posts...but there were a bunch!)

* * *

UPDATE (6/9): Thanks to Travis Nichols at the Poetry Foundation, my "classic" Harriet posts from 2007–2008 have been restored!

Wait, here are some more!

Let's revisit this one, from June 4, 2008:

Wavy celery

Reading Lucian this morning*, I came across this:

“She said that Stratonice the wife of Seleucus had done something much more ridiculous….She set up a poetry contest with a prize of one talent. The theme was ‘an encomium of Stratonice’s hair’….

“Actually, she was bald and hadn’t a hair of her own. Even so, though this was the condition of her head and everyone knew that it had happened because of a long illness, she actually listened to the wretched poets calling her hair ‘hyacinthine,’ braiding curly ringlets and using the wavy celery as an image for the non-existent locks.”

— "In Defense of Images” (transl. Keith Sidwell), ca. A.D. 169

*Do you like how casually I introduced this information?

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