Sunday, July 04, 2010

Star wars

Deborah Solomon in the NYT on the Smithosonian's Norman Rockwell exhibit, drawn from the collections of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg:

Mr. Lucas’s loans to the exhibition are distinguished by a cache of large-scale drawings, many of them as fastidious and expressive as the paintings for which they served as studies. Asked why Mr. Spielberg wound up with more major paintings, Mr. Lucas replied bluntly, “He paid more.” He continued: “Back when we started this in the ’80s, I wasn’t as rich as people think I was. I was spending all my money making movies.” (His company, Lucasfilm Ltd., produced the Indiana Jones movies, for which Mr. Spielberg was the director.) “Steven worked for hire,” he continued. “When he made money, it all came to him.”

Later, when Mr. Spielberg was told about that comment, he sounded surprised to hear himself described as a cash cow. “Well, isn’t that wonderful,” he said, “that I never underwrote my own film company?”

II. What about the Dark Rockwell?

III. Lucas and Spielberg should remake The Norman Rockwell Code.

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