Friday, June 04, 2010

Lessons in journalism, Part XXIII: Acid Effete Matters

I like the lack of reportorial affect—aside from "secretive," this piece ("N Korea hails Development of new 'super drink'") essentially reprints the press release. And it's great!

KCNA says: "It, with effects of both preventive and curative treatment, helps improve mental and retentive faculties by multiplying brain cells.

"It also protects skin from wrinkles and black spots and prevents such geriatric diseases as cerebral haemorrhage, myocardium and brain infarction by removing acid effete matters in time.

"It, much higher than quality cosmetics in anti-oxidation capacity, is efficacious for different skin diseases, including allergic dermatitis. It also makes skin fair.

"The drink has no side-effect."




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