Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"It was like a Who song waiting to happen"

"Beautiful article," says Nada Surf, talking about Joe Hagan's Believer piece on Bill Fox. Then they proceed to cover Fox's "Electrocution." On WNYC's "Soundcheck" (jump to c. 15m in).

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Blogger seatomar said...

Speaking of The Believer, I was kind of, sort of, aching to send a letter and resume to you guys over there in hopes of persuading you with my gypsy magic to hire me (since like everyone else, you're probably hiring), but the email wasn't in the mood to cooperate. Logically, I should take this as a sign and walk away, but logic and I haven't been working well together lately so here I am, posting non-sense in the comments section of your blog. Some might consider me brave, most a fool. Anyhow, if there is an email address I could send my magic to, I would love to be informed of it. Contact me at Thank you and here is a cat sliding into a box for your time (

Stay gold,

Chelsea Marie Hicks

3:44 AM  

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