Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Apocalyptic SF contest

From Joshua Glenn:

Disambiguation readers are INVITED TO SUBMIT an extremely short RADIUM-AGE APOCALYPSE STORY to the following URL:

The story should (a) be apocalyptic, i.e., either the world or life as we know it should be shattered; and (b) it should either be set in the 1900-35 era (science fiction's Radium Age), or be written from the perspective of that era — i.e., without knowledge of any post-1935 historical events, social-cultural transformations, or technological developments. Please read guidelines (word count limit, language, etc.) at the URL above. Deadline: 5 pm EST on March 31.

The stories will be judged by editors Matthew Battles and Joshua Glenn, and HiLobrow’s Magister Ludi, Patrick Cates. The author of the winning story will receive a HiLobrow t-shirt, and her story will be illustrated and published on HiLobrow; we'll also record the story for the next episode of "Parallel Universe: Pazzo," our monthly Radum-Age science fiction podcast. A few honorable mentions will be awarded; those stories will also be published on HiLobrow.

Joshua Glenn's "10 Best Apocalypse Novels of Pre-Golden Age SF" post for io9 is recommended reading:

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