Saturday, January 23, 2010

Addendum to last couple of posts

I. Speaking of D&D, two recent fictions of mine—in PEN America and for the Significant Objects project—found me reimagining my RPG past.

II. More small Read Hard reviews! This one's from The Guardian:
It all sounds distractingly kooky, but the Believer's writing is generally sharp, funny and insightful enough to keep you hooked, even when you could have sworn you had no prior interest in Malibu-based 50s surfer gal Gidget or what happened to the guy who invented Dungeons and Dragons.

(That last reference is to Paul La Farge's incredible piece, "Destroy All Monsters.")

III. This is not related to anything: Dennis Lim—the Man Who Never Blogs—is blogging from Sundance!

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Blogger mallard said...

Two great pieces. I loved the ending of the significant objects piece. And the pictures of the cow made it extra poignant. Has anyone sent you a dollar yet? If I had a dollar, I'd send it just to see what would happen.

While I'm asking questions, any updates on your next novel?

Made up google word for this post: fleist.

7:41 AM  

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