Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Disambiguations™ for November 17, 2009

I. Erasing on the German edition of Infinite Jest:

The minimalist cover design has a somewhat sepulchral quality, drained of color, black type on otherwise blank matte white boards, black endpapers, the back cover a mirror image of the front. With a thoughtful touch: Sewn into the binding are two bookmark ribbons. (One for the main text, one for the 134 pages of endnotes.)

There should be a Pale Fire made this way, too...

II. And now on to an even greater work of art: Cavemen! Sweeney directs us to the blog of Nick Kroll, one of the show's stars. Plenty of links, including ones to unaired episodes! (Time to special-order Michael Marcinkowski's Blvr. piece on the ill-fated series?)

III. Pet Shop Boys cover Coldplay!
(From Dennis)

IV. Department of Possibly Intentional Typos™

4. Given the large volume of material produced for LD, it'd be great to see it all reproduced in a single volume from high-quality scans. I understand that Tadashi Ehara is doing this with Different Worlds. Is this something you'd ever like to see happen?

LD was a fanzine which was not profread or spell checked. If it were retyped and those things done that would be awesome. I would not want it produced "as is". My grammar, spelling and proofreading skills bite! I don't want to reveal that to world.

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