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"The Unfurling" is more than 400 feet long, written and illustrated in graphic novel form on a 12-inch-high scroll....

"[Isabel] Rucker, who is the daughter of science fiction author and cyberpunk visionary Rudy Rucker, began work on "The Unfurling" seven years ago when she lived in San Francisco. It details both her city life and her move to rural Wyoming, off the grid. Using the scroll -- technically, three separate 150-foot rolls of paper -- allowed her to vary the width of the panels. While some are compressed, others are quite broad. The illustration of a road trip from California to Wyoming is more than 10 feet long.

—"Isabel Rucker's Long, Long Memoir," L.A. Times, Jacket Copy (by Carolyn Kellogg)


In a helicopter above the city on Friday, Stephen Wiltshire of London looked down at the streets and sprawl of New York. He flew for 20 minutes. Since then, working only from the memory of that sight, he has been sketching and drawing a mighty panorama of the city, rendering the city’s 305 square miles along an arc of paper that is 19 feet long —"Like a Skyline Is Etched in His Head," by Jim Dwyer, NYT

(photo: Piotr Redlinski/NYT)

(Slideshow here.)


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