Tuesday, November 24, 2009

One for the road

Congratulations to Sung J. Woo, whose amazing 36-date reading schedule has come to a close for 2009!

On his blog, he has some pics (snapped by wife Dawn) from our recent Dirty Laundry reading. (Sung read a great piece that featured another candidate for the Invisible Library—the book-within-the-story was Between the Stitches, I believe; who was the author, Sung?)

Here I rock the zippy sweater look:

(I am pretty much done for the year, too—aside from a talk I'm giving next week.)

Further note about the Ave A Laundromat—the proprietress offered the audience a selection of free books about various aspects of Korean culture, which I've been reading.

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Blogger sjwoo said...

Hey Ed! The author of Between the Stitches is Timothy Lee. A bit of useless trivia: this is the same title of the very first novel I wrote (back in high school), a stupendously terrible work that no one should be subjected to.

7:21 PM  
Blogger Ed Park said...

Great! I've shelved it at the Invisible Library...(I like that it has a counterpart in the real world...)

9:54 PM  

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