Monday, December 29, 2008

"The world's most northerly palindrome"

This is the Arctic Utopia of Knud Rasmussen, Greenland’s favourite son and most famous explorer, who memorably summed up the appeal of the traditional Inuit way of life: “Give me winter, give me dogs, and you can have the rest.”

The trading post he established in 1910 still stands by the shore, remarkably preserved in cold, clear air, near a curious flat-topped mountain that looks like a giant crème caramel. A gravel road winds past a memorial to Rasmussen and other empty buildings, and up a hill to where a sign says that only authorised personnel may proceed to the US base on the other side.

The kayaks that once glided silently among the icebergs in pursuit of seal and walrus are long gone, replaced by a grumble of military transport aircraft rising above a sprawl of hangers and fuel tanks.

The locals who lived here were relocated more than 100 miles north to Qaanaaq, the world’s most northerly palindrome, which is now a lively community of about 650 souls who still hunt seals but in their leisure time surf the internet and stage concerts in a modern sports hall. —Telegraph

Can you find one other palindrome?

(Via Dzyd Kaela)



Blogger Kaela said...

Kayak(s)...? Or is that too easy.

(Inuktitut is such a palindromic language...!)

10:01 PM  

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