Monday, December 29, 2008

Half a hexagon

I’ve just returned from a visit to my own local library, which is vast but far from universal. I discovered that the set of books by and about Borges would fill up roughly half a hexagon. Bloch’s little volume will add one more to those shelves. Sometimes the ceaseless proliferation of books makes me dizzy....
—Brian Hayes, "Books-a-Million," American Scientist

The richness of the connections, which implies a great deal of attention from the artist, rewards a similar intensity from you. There are connections within connections; connections that jump forward or back beyond a work’s immediate neighbors; and larger overriding themes that gather several works into a sustained sequence.
—Roberta Smith on Vik Muniz, NYT

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Blogger Will said...

The second quote makes me think of an essay I read yesterday, "The Geography of the Imagination" by Guy Davenport. He plays a hallucinatory game of connect-the-dots with "American Gothic." Reading it feels like spinning around in circles with Spoerri until you throw up.

4:35 PM  

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