Saturday, September 06, 2008

Dizzies News Service for September 6, 2008

1. Sarah Mangoozles talks to Leonard Lopate about The Two Kinds of Decay—very nice! I'm going to try to embed it right onto The Dizzies!

2. More audio: Dzyd Paul is on NPR today, talking about the spelling reform movement—jumping off his epic "Buzzkill" piece in the current Believer—you can read it all online, but you'll want to have a bound copy or two for further perusal!

3. Dzyd Dennis has a long profile of Michelle Williams in the NYT.

At a low point last year she signed up for night classes in bookbinding and calligraphy. “I was prouder of my little foldout book than of some movies that I’ve made,” she said.

4. And the Dennis-masterminded Moving Image Source featuring the return of the manly Mark Holcomb, plus pieces by Dzyds Rob and Benno (also manly in their way).

5. Dzyd Alex on pollster John Zogby in The Nation. And Wyatt Mason at the Harper's blog picks the latest Triple Canopy (of which Alex is a driving force) as your weekend read.

6. Levi Stahl on John Wyndham. Also: New additions to The Invisible Library, including more titles only found in the books of Nabokov, Powell, Frank Herbert, and more!

7. And in my continuing bid to become the Pierre Menard of the Internet, I have discovered (thanks to a reader) that my "Blogs That Only Lasted for One Post" feature has already been done! But I am not going to look at it...

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