Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The spirit of Menard

Having started an Invisible Library, a project begun in the proper Borgesian spirit, I thought I'd google the phrase...and found this! (Actually, I found a link to a defunct page, then Levi used the Wayback Machine, and then for some reason today I have found this resurrected/preserved version.)

What to do? Not only the concept but the name already exists!

In the spirit of Borges (more specifically Pierre Menard), we will proceed with the project—without looking at the earlier version!

(In the meantime: Lots of nice notices, and some great suggestions in the comments, which we will gradually integrate into the blog...And then what? Delete the comments? And set aside a "Contributors" post somewhere, maybe on this blog right here, or on Levi's?)

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Blogger Idalia said...

Love the Hitchhiker's Guide entries, but aren't they forgetting the most important fictional book in that series - The Hitchhiker's Guide???

1:55 PM  
Blogger Andrea Janes said...

I want to do one that's a Simpsons Cinema Imaginarium, featuring all the fake movies that have played at Springfield multiplexes over the years. Seinfeld movies titles would be funny, too. Unless that exists already ...

12:08 PM  

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