Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Brought to you by the Frozen Grape Lovers Association

I. One in an occasional series: Blogs That Use the Same Template as The Dizzies.

Today we feature "Musings of a Modern Hygienist," each entry of which is signed, "Welcome to my Life." Sample:

After the photo shoot, we enjoyed the limo ride to the Sunstar corporate office and plant. Have you ever wondered how toothbrushes were made? This was an incredible tour. We saw each step of how the toothbrush is produced. I was surprised to learn that many steps of the manufacturing and packaging are done by hand.
This is probably the best one. (Via Dzyd Shelley)

II. Play with your food. (Via Dzyd Jane)

III. Have you made your frozen grapes yet? This is prime "fro-gra" season. Freeze a lot and you can eat them in December!

IV. This is also a good time to drink lemonade.

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