Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Table-Talk of Parkus Grammaticus for August 5, 2008

I. Projected Books! (From Dzyd Ed, Light Industrialist)

II. One answer to Dzyd Trivia, 8/4, from Dzyd Kosiya: "Gael Garcia Bernal spoke three languages (French, English, and Spanish) in The Science of Sleep." Others?

III. Literary bits: Tolstoy to Turgenev: "They seem to be happy and I seem to be sad"...Short-story necrology: As noted, Raymond Carver died on August 2; last night I read that Flannery O'Connor died on August 3....Has anyone made this joke before? "I have a pristine copy of the Steve Gutenberg Bible!" (Hmm, OK, yes, someone has...it would be great if Steve was related to Johann!)

IV. Many chewable thoughts in this Guernica interview with Dzyd Luc: "Everything that comes with contradictions is wood for my fire"...and: "Constraint is as ever the mother of invention, and maybe I haven’t yet figured out a suitable set of constraints to impose on myself when blogging."

V. Dzyd David Cairns remembers Sea Monkeys.

VI. Word pictures: Yesterday I saw what I thought was a rendering of the Statue of Liberty on the side of a white van. Then I saw that it was the shadow of a hanging traffic light. Then the shadow looked to me like the outline of Manhattan.

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