Sunday, August 03, 2008

This article is a favor to Holly

I spoke to the Guardian at length about some good bands that write "literate" lyrics. What you get: Just a few lines on Vampire Weekend and Hold Steady!

That's OK. I like all of the bands that the writer wanted to talk about (which also included the Silver Jews and Fleet Foxes, though I don't know the latter too well), and I also talked a lot about the Mountain Goats (I had just finished John Darnielle's Master of Reality, a book I enjoyed so much that I forgot to blog about it) — it's hard to lump all these groups together, since the Vampire Weekenders have a cumulative age of about 32 and the Silver Jews have been around since...early '90s? (Same with the Mt. Gts.?) But it's all good—heyyy, I'll take it!

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Blogger GS said...

VW's lead singer was my year at Columbia and we knew each other as fellow English majors/creative writing minors. He was a pretty good writer although his stuff is almost identical to the songs - unsurprisingly?

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