Saturday, August 09, 2008

Son of Table-Talk of P.G. for August 10, 2008

I. The NYT on the ukulele renaissance (Warren Buffett plays?):
The dawn of this third great ukulele era can be traced to 2006, aficionados say, with the appearance of a video on YouTube by Jake Shimabukuro, a Hawaiian-born ukulele player.
(But: no mention of Stephin Merritt?)

II. Dzyd Dennis on Azazel Jacobs (son of Ken), in the NYT:

Reaching for one of the many boxes against the wall, Mr. Jacobs — like Mikey in “Momma’s Man” — rummaged through a stash of yellowed juvenilia. He pulled out magazine clippings, class photos, a middle-school paper on the punk band the Clash (complete with his teacher’s incredulous notation “F — Are you kidding?”) and a few lovingly preserved “hate letters,” records of soured teenage romances, one of which gets a memorable cameo in the film.

III. For the 26 files, via Dzyd Hannah: Jad Fair and Yo La Tengo's "High School Shop Class Constructs Bicycle Built for 26." (I can't do mp3s on this site but drop me a line if you want me to send it!)

IV. And...two bits of weirdness: A talk on skull thievery at Machine Project (from L.G. Thomas) and the Fortsas hoax (from Levi).

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