Wednesday, July 16, 2008

If 6's were 9's

In the NYT:
Vishal Nair, who runs the Lukoil station at Eighth Avenue and 13th Street in Greenwich Village, took another plastic number last week, turned it over and scribbled “4” on it with a black magic marker. The result was an obviously homemade “$4.47,” but it would have to do until he received the extra 4s he ordered months ago.

“Typically, we have a lot of 9s and 1s, and we had a shortage of 3s before we got a lot of 3s in,” Mr. Nair said.
(Via Jenny)

(I'm also poaching Levi's comment: "This reminds me of one of my favorite urban moments: the Chicken Delights fast-food restaurant down the street from us one day, having clearly run short of letters for its sign, offered a 'Crisf Chickem Samwicu.' A few days later, they were offering 'Italian 3eef.' ")



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