Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I. Tonight! I'll be reading from Personal Days at Happy Ending, which is at 302 Broome St. @ Forsyth — you take the B/D to Grand, or the F/J/M/Z to Delancey. (Wait—there's a Z train?!)

Doors at 7! (Not these kinds.) Event at 8! I'm reading with Rivka Galchen and Craig Morgan Teicher! (Rumors have been floating that a ukulele will be wielded, that voices will be lifted plaintively to the rafters. I cannot confirm these rumors at this time.)

II. Rachel Aviv! Is great! Our longish e-mail dialogue, which she masterfully directed, is in the latest issue of Triple Canopy, an excellent new web publication (of which she is an editor).

It was a very different experience from being interviewed by phone or in person; many of my responses were typed out late at night, and I found myself thinking in ways that might not have been possible in the bright light of day...a different sort of clarity, an insomniac's clarity. (I am more emphatic when I type than when I speak.) In "Only Connect," Rachel and I talk—er, type—about process, metaphor, Keeler, Julian Jaynes, my abandoned oeuvre, the web, "bad art," and more. (Plus: SATURNHEAD!)

Happy Ending/Ouroboric twist: This issue of Triple Canopy also features Rivka's "Case Notes of a Medical Student, East Harlem Psychiatric ER, Winter 2002."

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