Friday, June 27, 2008

Somewhat Self-Serving Table-Talk of Parkus Grammaticus for June 27–29

I. Personal Days gets covered in the New York Times Book Review! Mark Sarvas's thoughtful review invokes Unamuno, makes comparisons to Bellow and Beckett and Bloom (Molly)—heyyy, I'll take it!—and says:

[W]itty and appealing...[A]nyone who has ever groaned to hear ‘impact’ used as a verb will cheer as Park skewers the avatars of corporate speak, hellbent on debasing the language....Park has written what one of his characters calls ‘a layoff narrative’ for our times.
But don't settle for my bracket-happy the whole thing—it's very good (I'm not biased)!

II. Hmmm, does Sarvas read The Dizzies? I started reading Harry, Revised and found this compelling evidence on page 2:
He does this a lot, this strange circular thinking, Harry the Ouroboros, watching himself watching himself watching, often emerging many minutes later, foggy-headed and thick-tongued as if waking from a deep sleep.
Case closed!

III. Sick of Personal Days? Want some different Ed Park fiction for a change?

[Readership: Wha?]

The web-only, Canada-based Joyland, a "hub for short fiction" that officially goes up on July 1, has a terrific old-newsletter look...and an excerpt of the chipper, vertiginous, interminable novel in progress known as...THE DIZZIES!

Read "Trilobite and Isle of Wight." (You can find other dizzying excerpts in The Fanzine, BOMB...and a forthcoming issue of a free New York periodical, to be revealed soonish!)

IV. To add to the pinch-me-I'm dreaming-ness of this week: The new Time magazine picks "Three First Novels that Just Might Last"...including ye olde Personal Days—heyyy, I'll take it!

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