Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Flip the switch

Brooklynites! Though I don't live in Brooklyn, I will be reading there on Thursday night! 7 p.m. (6/26) at Barnes & Noble on Court Street! Someone tell me how to get there! Love it!

* * *

"From Electro-Harmonix's new line of bass effects pedals, the Bass Blogger gives you a full-bodied distortion tone, like the Bass Big Muff. However, the Blogger differs from the Big Muff in that its distortion focuses more on finesse than force. Smooth sound with a good blend for keeping a healthy back-and-forth with the drummer. If you want to step up the distortion, though, don't worry - flip the switch from 'Drive' to 'Fuzz' and watch all eyes turn to you."

(Via Dzyd Wayne)


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