Sunday, June 22, 2008

Once I wanted to be the greatest

As a youngster, Steven, later voted most likely to succeed in his graduating class at Kempner High School, practiced his multiplication tables in his spare time so he could spout the answer faster than his classmates. Diana, after making the varsity volleyball team as a freshman, reacted to Steven’s urging to focus on that sport by increasing the duration and intensity of her tae kwon do workouts. Mark, in third grade, became so enthralled after reading a story about Alexander the Great that he began writing, “The Great” after his name.

“Teachers complained to my parents that I kept writing ‘Mark Anthony Lopez the Great’ or ‘Mark the Great Lopez,’ ” Mark said. “My parents were like, ‘What’s the problem? He has self-esteem, a lot of confidence. That’s a good thing.’ ” — “Three Siblings Head to Beijing in Tae Kwon Do,” NYT
(From Jane.)



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