Thursday, May 01, 2008

Table-talk of Parkus Grammaticus for May 1, 2008

Dizzyhead Bill fires the first shot in the Falindromes contest—make that the first three shots!

"I am a bad hobo" — Obama I

Wow, Live DJ! Yes, & Jersey Devil! Wow!

"U.S. food delish!" lied doofus.

(The Oulipo, by the way, had a term for writing that appears to have a constraint, but doesn't: a clinamen.)

II. Doesn't this word seems like it should be anagrammable into something else?

g’neeza, "a burial plot for damaged Torahs, prayer books or other papers containing God’s name"

(In James Barron's piece "From Auschwitz, a Torah as Strong as Its Spirit," NYT)

III. Would love to see "the Tennessee fainting goat, which keels over when startled..." —NYT

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Blogger Jordan said...

In the Oulipo Compendium they also call it "Canada Dry" -- just like Oulipo, but without the kick.

7:43 AM  
Blogger Daniel said...

Just google "fainting goats" to pull up the very nice youtube clips . . .

7:53 AM  

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