Friday, April 18, 2008

I was told there'd be...a bestseller!

Yowza!! Sloane hits the NYT bestseller list! The hilarious I Was Told There'd Be Cake reaches no. 19 after its first week out. From S.F. Chronicle:

Crosley, who earned a degree in creative writing from Connecticut College, first published an essay, "Goodbye, Columbus," in the Village Voice in 2004. It was about the day she moved and managed to get locked out of two apartments. She wrote up her experience in an e-mail to friends, and Ed Park, an editor at the Village Voice who happens to be one of those friends, told her to shape it up and he'd publish it. "I keep telling this story about the e-mail I sent that became the Village Voice essay. It's been inspiring the ire of many Internet personalities, as if after I decided to write an e-mail, now I'm going to call myself a writer."

YESSSSSSssssss!!! (This piece also has a great photo of her eating cake.)

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