Friday, March 21, 2008

At 3:AM...

I contribute, once again, my top 5 songs! Or rather the songs I was listening to a week and a half ago. Am shamelessly plugging the Psychic Envelopes. Am eager to read 3:AM London, New York, Paris (which has an excerpt of The Dizzies).

None of these descriptions sound like anything that happens in my story!

A pseudo-religious epiphany in South London. The Simpsons in New York. Men are stabbed on the Boulevard de Sébastopol. A transmogrification in Hackney. William cruises around the East Village in a 1972 Mercedes 220. Voluptuous neo-Post Structuralists decipher the works of Beigbeder. Wasted sons of politicians and minor royalty agonise over Ibiza while in South Kensington. Infidelity and invitations to Le Carre adaptations on Tottenham Court Road. The hookers of Les Halles. Buying ketamin from Colombians in Vauxhall at 4am. A couple lose themselves in Epping Forest. Avian adventures on the Essex Road. Un soir, un train on the Central Line. Men's magazines and those transvestite nightclub leaflets in Harlem. A literary tour of Bloomsbury becomes a diplomatic incident. A callow youth is ignored by an Indian girl for his lack of knowledge of Dave Eggers. A jazz player's existential moment in Soho. Civil disobedience is called for in NYC. Small talk in bikinis on Paris plage. A taxi driver ignores Tameny on Lexington Avenue. The literary establishment of New York is brought to its knees. A film club in Islington leads to death. A man plays Shoot the Freak on Coney Island.

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