Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Table-talk of Parkus Grammaticus for February 19

I. Parkian rarities: I've unearthed some blurbs from yesteryear, and am wincing/chuckling at some probably unconscious (but maybe not?) repetitions.

Tortilla Soup
This Chicano cover version of
Eat Drink Man Woman is a must-see for Hector Elizondo completists and scopophilic foodies. Others will find it a revival so indifferent as to be perverse, with enough crypto-incestuous wish fulfillment to make a Freudian blush. (Park)

Disney's archaeological-quest caper begins gamely enough, but by the time the dependably multicultural crew reaches the sunken city, narrative drive has taken a back seat to the sort of spiritual gibberish that would make a Theosophist blush. At least it isn't a musical. (Park)

II. And here's a construction that mirrors that in the Tortilla Soup blurb—viz., specifying a very small part of the population as a potential audience:

Happy Accidents
Session 9
director Brad Anderson lays a low-key time-travel romance in a Manhattan of singleton simpering and significant street signs—the perfect date movie for unreconstructed Whovians and the Ouspensky-reading Marisa Tomei fans who love them. (Park)


Finally, this one's for Powellians—really just an excuse to use that quote:

The Dog Show
William Wegman, the weimaraner's Boswell, opens an exhibit that sniffs out the ways in which dogs and literature go hand in paw. Watch for networking scribblers and shutterbugs on the make: As the late cat-fancying novelist Anthony Powell remarked, ``People who prefer dogs are essentially interested in power.'' Reservations required. Wednesday at 6:30, Bobst Library, Fales Collection (3rd Floor), 70 Washington Square South, 998-2596 (Park)

IV. Bookcase spotters: John Freeman has responded!

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