Saturday, December 15, 2007

Here they come now — Nothing believes Korea? — more

Nico singing "Chelsea Girls" at the Chelsea Hotel:

(Via Dizzyhead Sarah)

II. Clover on Rod Smith (in The Nation):

The poetry does not come out to greet you. I am not quite sure what to make, for example, of the poem opening "Nothing believes Korea." I like the sound of that and feel like I might be about to understand something. By the next line, "Nothing turns into it, & leaves your salt there," I am feeling a little lost, and not in a Paddington Station kind of way.
III. Cairns:
British comedy series are an odd lot, often functioning on inertia and raw acting talent rather than anything resembling good material, and yet they inspire tremendous warmth and attachment in the public here. Take the CARRY ON films — arguably three of them are consistently entertaining, out of a total of twenty-nine. Twenty-nine.

IV. Selfdivider on Shaun Tan's The Arrival. And Mike Atkinson doesn't just review film—he reviews beer: "This monster brew is an open, post-Scotch-ale combat between uber-hops and bloodthirsty malt, loud, mean-spirited and stormy, with trumpet blasts of prune, rose, pumpernickel, anchovies, and nose-punches of the past."

V. I've started a tie-in blog for my upcoming novel Personal Days. Let me know if you have any ideas...

VI. Also I'll be taking a break from posting for a bit, but the rest of Team Dizzies will be making an appearance here...ummm...right, TD members? Uh...hello?


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