Friday, December 14, 2007

Gossip Girl roundup

New Yorker:

“Gossip Girl,” by its very title, promises both to tell you the secrets of the city and to remind you that you weren’t invited to the party.
New York Observer:

The facts are this [...]: Dan's father's loft—it looks to be at least 3,000 square feet—probably sells for about $600 a square foot now. That's going by the general rule of thumb that Brooklyn condos (and we'll assume it's a condo as no co-op board, even in Brooklyn, would likely let in a rock musician-turned-artist who keeps odd hours) sell for half of what they would in most of Manhattan; and in most of Manhattan, condos sell for over $1,200 a square foot on average, according to research firm Radar Logic.

(Via Chrita)

Jane Dark's Sugarhigh!:
[Gossip Girl is not a character]...It's a blog with Kristin Bell's voice, which posts news, salacious stories, gotcha pix and so forth about the popular students. It is, in short, a gossip site. The show's imagination is that celebrity journalism has made its way to high school.

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