Monday, November 12, 2007

Dr. Who vs. Matthew McConaughey!

Dizzyhead Mike gets in on the likey/no likey action—

Likey: popcorn, outer space, seitan, Lee Perry, snoozin, soup, Jean
Luc Godard, Marx (both Bros. and Karl), Curb Your Enthusiasm, the
Village Discount Outlet, mobile computing, train rides, my wife, "free
jazz," Louis Zukofsky, sweeping, blazers, seltzer, the San Francisco
Sweater Company, walking, Derrida, the beach, pizza, pragmatism,
Projective Verse, brick sidewalks, early Nas, inexpensive sneakers,
potato chips, CSNY (at least the first two albums), local television
news, social justice, Dr. Who, bagels, Nick Twemlow's Karate poems,
the New York Post, 45s, Madlib, leg room on planes, conservation,
celebrity news, Robert Duncan and Michael Palmer's Field Theory
lecture, dialectical materialism . . .

No likey: riding in cars, people who take Foucault's early work
seriously, no exit, mail order, ideology, "Hotel Chevalier," late Nas,
"traditionalists," hippies, waiting, grammar, Fox News, Matthew
McConaughey, Tom Waits, driving through Pennsylvania, repeating
myself, print media, wasting food, sour kraut, turbulence, formal
dinners, books about Freud that are barely about Freud, Brazil nuts,
new age music, Robert Frost, trying to be shocking, strict
rationalists, entitlement, damp weather . . .

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Blogger rebecca for moderns said...

what's not to like about hippies and their lovable, luxury-haired revolution?

2:58 PM  
Blogger Ed said...

Tom Waits for no one, Mike...

6:31 PM  

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