Thursday, October 11, 2007

It's like Brooklyn when they hold panels outdoors

Chuck Klosterman makes a controversial statement about the Eagles, as Rob Sheffield and the guy from The Dizzies prepare their responses—Brooklyn Book Festival, 2007.

Not pictured: Mysterious head-patting woman.

* * *

Speaking of Brooklyn—I'll be making another visit to that fair borough for an exciting event in February—more details soon!

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Blogger kate and vern said...

i have several photos of crazy head-patting woman, if you're interested. my favorite is the one i took of her eating the dollar bills she pulled from her sock.

it was a terrific panel, by the way.

12:43 PM  
Blogger Ed said...

Glad you liked the panel...!

I...would be curious to see the photos...if it's not too much trouble...Though perhaps they'll be too traumatic to post!

I'm at

10:40 PM  

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