Thursday, August 30, 2007

I've just seen a banner ad

Sean Lennon: World's most interesting face?

* * *

And—I was looking for something else to post here—Dizzyhead Devin's Boston Globe piece on Beatles covers—and wound up at Vertiblog, a U2 site. The flashing banner contains some interesting trivia:

U2 was in Buffalo the night Lennon was shot
U2 will be in Buffalo again on December 9, 2005
The 25th anniversary of Lennon's murder...

(Well, the date's off by a bit, but you get the idea.)

Then you can print out this little graphic/posterette to wave at the concert.

And get into a time-travel machine, as it looks like the blog hasn't been updated in a while...Still, an interesting bit of trivia for Buffalo/Beatles/U2 enthusiasts.

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Blogger Mollie said...

Don't you think he's fascinating to look at? He looks like his famous dad and his famous mom! At the same time! (And, adding to the intrigue, he speaks with the accent of neither!)

6:24 PM  

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