Thursday, August 30, 2007

The compleat completist

Yesterday during the umpteenth installment of FormulaWatch™, I praised A.O. Scott's very funny spin on "This movie is for [actor's name] completists." Alas, I got so excited that I didn't finish the review, which ends:

But the movie seems to exist mainly so that some critic might say: If you see just one table tennis martial arts parody this year, make it “Balls of Fury.” I’m afraid I can’t go that far.

That is something to avoid, the "If you see just one [hodgepodge genre] movie this year..." setup. I say all these things only because I know I've done them. I am just trying to weed them out of my system.

Anyway, on the plus side, I do want to point out (as I have in the past) Scott's very consistent whistleblowing—pretty rare for a mainstream critic—on vaguely racist b.s.: "There’s borderline-offensive ethnic humor (Asians talk funny! They eat strange food and speak a different language!)..."



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