Monday, June 11, 2007

Writers revealed — Translating Maugham — In his shoes

Haven't had a chance to listen yet, but Felicia Sullivan's Writers Revealed show has just started—you can download it as a podcast.

My iPod doesn't work!

* * *

Random recent Netflix connexions: Both Pan's Labyrinth and The Painted Veil feature deliberately obscured patrimony!

Anyone know why The Painted Veil was called The Painted Veil? The movie gave no explanation—and that's OK!

(In other Somerset M. news, Maud's recent posts had me dusting off Cakes and Ale...)

* * *

Via Ed, I found Jennifer Weiner's thoughts on the Cormac interview pretty interesting:

I just wonder whether McCarthy's first wife, and first son, were as happy burnishing the myth of the struggling, starving, lecture-fee-spurning artiste as McCarthy himself was. You want to be all stinky-breathed and starving in a forty-dollar-a-week flophouse, do it on your lonesome. You've got a wife and kids? Get over yourself and take a paying lecture gig every once in a while.

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