Tuesday, June 19, 2007


We took Lefty up on his suggestion to visit the ICP, where we caught the Stephen Shore exhibit.

$12 seemed a little steep for a ticket but it was good stuff—in the aforementioned road trip journal, he recorded the TV shows he watched every night. Some titles are still familiar (60 Minutes), but others are deeply mysterious: What was, e.g., Room 222?

Also it made us start taking a lot of pictures—here is a skateboarder about to jump off some steps and narrowly avoid passersby on the sidewalk!

This reminded us of Little Children, how Patrick Wilson's character gets hypnotized en route to the library by the teens skateboarding. He had a very dopey look on his face but now we understand why!

* * *

It was a good day for gallery hopping as well—I really wanted to see Andy Goldsworthy's White Walls, which was ending its run. In my latest Astral Weeks column, I mention the reference to Goldsworthy in Kim Stanley Robinson's climate-change fiction Sixty Days and Counting. It didn't occur to me that White Walls in particular could be seen as a representation of the destruction of the polar ice sheets until reading Jerry Saltz's description in New York.

That's enough culture for today.

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