Saturday, June 23, 2007

Are you gonna eat my way?

Like many Dizzyheads, I try to restrict my dining experiences to places approved by popular rock musicians—so imagine my delight when I read Dizzyhead Hua's post on a Berlin eatery that has Lenny Kravitz's seal of approval!

* * *

Issue #22 of McSweeney's contains three magnetized volumes in an attractive slipcase. One volume is entitled From the Notebook, containing contemporary writers' takes on "the unwritten stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald," extrapolated from scraps (sometimes just a couple of words) that he jotted down. Some excellent writers here—I was happy (and surprised!) to see Rachel Ingalls among them. Her story, "A Gift of the Gods," comes from the FSF tidbit: "The Dancer Who Found She Could Fly."

* * *
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