Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Apocalypse and audience

O: Are we to ever know what actually happens?

[C. is mellow, smiling, cheek always on fist...congenial but evasive! Agrees with most of what she's saying...but elaborates just a touch....]

C: You should be thankful for what you have.

O: You haven't worked out the "God" thing?
C: Depends what day you ask me. [Smiles]
O: Do you care that now millions of people are reading your books
C: In all honest, I have to say I don't, I just don't. [Smile-laughs]....So what? It's OK, there's nothing wrong with it.
O: You are a different kind of author, let me tell you...
C: [No apparent response]
O: "Read it if you want to..."




Blogger The 10,000 said...

I had the impression here Big O had no true understanding of her subject. Also earlier with the "3 wives" comment.


11:21 PM  

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