Thursday, May 10, 2007

Press Release! For "The Toni Schlesinger Show"

[Toni is of course the author of Five Flights Up, a collection of her Shelter columns that I used to edit at the PTSNBN; she currently writes a column called Interiors for The New York Observer. More about her here.]

Toni Schlesinger interviews famous puppets in the manner of Charlie
Rose—one on one, no holds barred—from the last ten years of
Arts-at-St. Ann's. Guests include a noir frog, a Spanish Harlem
grandmother who doesn't wear underwear, a Greek solder (the War in
Iraq will be discussed), a miniature butler who prefers prostitutes, a
Kurt Weill sort of cat, and a witch from the forest which will be the
most frightening interview of all. Interviews open full evenings of
theater and avant-garde puppetry. [...]

More info:

Interview schedule for The Toni Schlesinger Show:

Wednesday, May 30, 8pm – Interview with Brian Selznick's Kevin, chubby
little boy in the forest, and the Wild Queen, terrifying! She has a
green face. Pastoralism is discussed.

Thursday, May 31, 8pm – Interview with Anna Kiraly's noir frog from
"Slow Ascent." Toni goes in the pond with him so to speak. Joemca

Friday, June 1, 8pm – A steamy discussion with Cathead from Eric
Novak, Elyas Kahn, Sarah Provost's "Charcoal Boy". Cathead smokes and
drinks, so does Toni.

Saturday June 2, 8pm – A fiery debate ensues as Ricardo Muniz's
Abuelita, the grandmother from "El Bidin" (who doesn't wear
underwear), and Toni discuss gentrification in Spanish Harlem and they
yell at each other.

Sunday June 3, 3pm – Absurdist but memorable conversation with the
petit Pitterpat performed by Keith McDermott from Toni Schlesinger's
"The Biggest Play in the World." Pitterpat has learned to play golf.

Sunday June 3, 8pm – Tom Lee's Hoplite, the Greek Warrior who is so
ancient, he never speaks --- silent but fascinating. The war in Iraq
will be discussed.



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