Friday, May 04, 2007

Not enough people are named Edna these days

No time to blog! Except to say Julian Maclaren-Ross is my new favorite writer. Well, maybe he's tied with Dizzyhead Mollie, whose most recent post at Restricted View considers a pungent edition of Show Boat:
I can't attest to the handsomeness of the new edition firsthand, but it has to be better than the edition on my shelf. When I was researching that piece, I worked from a beat-up Fawcett paperback printed in 1971 or shortly thereafter. It had tiny print, a musty smell, and a torn front cover -- which unfortunately did not do much to obscure the cover illustration, a hideous, borderline-psychedelic collage of playing cards, women in large hats, riverboats and other plot elements. A Google search has turned up nothing, but when I get my hands on a digital camera I will have to show you what it looks like, because trust me, this cover puts the "mar" in "mass-market paperback." (Did you like that? Should I have gone with "ass" instead? I was torn.)

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Blogger Mollie said...

Aw, thanks, Ed! You know, Edna St. Vincent Millay is one of my favorite poets... but apparently her friends called her "Vince." I think I'd sooner name a girl "Vince" than "Edna."

"Edna" would be a good name for your female alter-ego, should you ever decide to cross-dress.

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