Saturday, April 28, 2007

Dr vs. Doctor

Dizzyhead Pete writes:

Your post on The ("Tha" for urban audiences?) Dizzies today -- specifically your wondering why you were thinking about being marooned on desert islands -- made me think of a current obsession of mine: watching TV shows featuring survivalists who purposefully maroon themselves on desert islands, glaciers, jungles, rafts in the middle of the ocean, and sometimes swamps. One show in particular that I recommend -- mostly for its charming, awesomely named host/survivalist, Bear Grylls -- is called Man vs. Wild. The other, which I caught a bit of last night, is less adversarial in its title, going simply with, The Survivalist. What seems like just a hokey idea fit for a bathroom book -- like one of those "1001 ways to survive _______" books -- actually becomes pretty fascinating when you can see actual worry on the host's face about whether he's going to find food, be able to build a shelter/fire before it rains/the temperature drops too low, etc. Plus there's the whole MacGyver attraction to watching some clever survivalist show you all the neat tricks you can use if you happen to find yourself, say, in the middle of the desert with a Swiss army knife and a prayer.

Both shows are on the Discovery Channel (I think), which also makes me think someone there is obsessed with the same idea, necessitating 2 shown on the same thing on the same network.

* * *

Over at Slate, tha Jdawg weighs in on Twin Peaks, season 2...which reminds me: You know how some people say that the Lynch film isn't "Mulholland Drive" but Mulholland "Dr"? (The poster et al. doesn't actually spell out "Drive.")

The other day I had a revelation: What if it's actually Mulholland DOCTOR?!

* * *

The NY Ukulele Festival is kind of expensive?! Anyway, the instrument is the devil's handiwork, as far as we are concerned.

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