Thursday, July 27, 2006


Hanumana is the mythical ape-god of the great Hindu epic Ramayana. Commissioned by Lord Rama to build a bridge over the ocean from the tip of the Indian peninsula to Sri Lanka, Hanumana (already accursed to be unaware of his own great strength) stood on the ocean bank, vacillating in his mind about his capacity to be able to do so. When Lord Rama exhorted, "Hanumana! You are ignorant of the great power that lies within you[,]" [t]he ape-god suddenly became aware of his strength and so could accomplish the task that lay before him.
—J.S. Neki

In uke news, am having fun learning this: "I hate the big decisions/that cause endless revisions in my mind."

* * *

Dizzies music: New Scritti Politti album! Gets better and better as I listen.

I was going to link to recent Times piece, but a search turned up:
Search Paid Death Notices and Paid Memorial Notices for scritti politti

* * *

A Spaniard in the works: Interesting Times article about early African American baseball players. Frank Grant played for the Buffalo Bisons from 1886–1888. Can we expect a post by Buffalo Bisons–lid-wearing Termite Artist R. Emmet Sweeney?


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I want to hear that when you do your ukelele recital!

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