Monday, January 30, 2006

Give the people what they want

Initial Descent
One of the sillier factoids gleaned from Freygate: The Million Little Pieces author has a tattoo that reads: FTBSITTTD, short for "F--- this bull s---, it's time to throw down."

Doesn't that seem a bit...long-winded? (And shouldn't "bulls---" be one word?)

I'm reminded of the infamous MIICRNYCOAGNWMA, as seen in this book.

Graphic Designs
Good news, Dizzyheads: I've found the Saturnhead trove! But I'm still not sure how to use the scanner. Patience!

Archive Fever

I've been opening folders on my computer that I haven't opened in decades. Here's an amusing listing I wrote in 2002!

‘Borges: The Time Machine/La Máquina del Tiempo’
Inside the Grolier Club, infinity goes up on trial: Borges or a dream of Borges. The exhibit (imported from his native Buenos Aires) tracks his droll, occasionally terrifying genius, from youthful verse and a promotional yogurt pamphlet, to learned pieces for what was essentially Argentina’s Ladies’ Home Journal, to a diagram for his classic whodunit “Death and the Compass” and translations of Whitman and Woolf. Even his earliest scribbling suggests the offhand omniscience to come; at age seven he writes, “Now I will tell you something about some other gods."

Bonus: A selection of notes from the aforementioned exhibit
Imaginary friends of JLB and sister: “Quilos” and “The Windmill”
“When they finally bored us, we told our mother that they had died.”

Evaristo Carriego, poet and friend of JGB; novel: Misas Herejes (The Heretical Masses)

“Life and death have been absent in my life. From that indigence comes my industrious love for these trifles.” —1932

“The gods” written in English, age 7 (1906)
“Now I will tell you something about Diana”
“Now I will tell you something about Mercurio”
“Now I will tell you something about some other gods”

“This I consider the real Quixote.” (Paris: Garnier, 1889) red w/gold lettering

1914 Switz/Europe
1918 Spain; avant-garde; age 21, The Red Psalms (destroyed on eve of departure); returns to Arg. 1924.


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