Saturday, January 28, 2006

West Coast coda

Random notes I jotted down on a bookmark
All babies have Brooklyn accents.

The Dissociated Press

The New World Odor

"A crew member will let you know when masks are no longer needed."

Those pens they used to have, you could use one of four colors.

* * *

Rivers and Tides, the documentary about environmental artist Andy Goldsworthy, would make sense on a double bill with Herzog's Grizzly Man—portraits of people connecting with the natural world (or trying/dying to). But the transitory quality of Goldsworthy's work also suggests a different Herzog pairing—Wheel of Time, in which Buddhist monks painstakingly craft huge mandalas which are whisked back into nothingness upon completion.

An interesting article on Russell Hoban in The Independent. (Thanks to Dizzyhead Darren.)


Blogger Jenny D said...

Your pen remark would be even better if it were only ten words. I got one of those a while ago, remembering them from childhood & wanting one, only I don't like ballpoints. Curiously something about the way the ink-cartridge-thingies work has always reminded me of tendons in a hand, do you know what I mean?

7:45 PM  

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